What are the best long weekends in Europe by train?

All aboard for the weekend?  Get ready to ditch the plane for the train and explore Europe a different way.  Cutting down on short-haul or domestic flights and travelling by train can help to give a new lease of life to your travel plans this year.  Travelling by train offers a more civilised and relaxed way to travel, where your journey actually becomes part of the fun.  

London to Barcelona 

One of the best weekend getaways via train is Barcelona and Figueres.  You can easily jump on the Eurostar to Paris (we recommend catching the 3pm train).  You’ll find there’s just enough time to squeeze in a delicious dinner in a Parisian café before it’s time to board your ‘trainhotel’ to Barcelona.  I can just picture it now…dinner in the diner, a cosy night snuggled in fresh clean sheets and buttery, flaky croissants and freshly brewed coffee in the café-bar the following morning.   

Before you know it, you’ll be in central Barcelona early on Saturday morning.  After a jam-packed weekend gasping at Gaudi, rambling up and down the Ramblas and tasting the local tapas, you can catch the handy evening trainhotel on Sunday night, which will get you back to London by Monday morning.   

While this may seem like a pricey option, you’ll often find that train fares are far cheaper than a flight and with no airport taxes to worry about, you will likely finish your trip with a smaller hotel bill than when you choose to fly.   

London to Dublin 

Dublin is a notoriously popular short-break destination.  In fact, it’s even easier to reach Ireland if you opt for the more traditional and relaxed way, by ferry and train.  You may be surprised to hear but the combined ferry-and-train fare from London to Dublin is less than £30!  You’ll find that cheap rail and ferry fares are available from any British station to any Irish station. 


One essential you must remember to pack on any train journey is a Qi PowerSurge portable power bank charger.  This is an invaluable accessory if the plugs to charge your phone are a little faulty or have already been nabbed by another passenger.  This handy mobile power bank means you can enjoy listening to your favourite tunes throughout your train journey.  

London to Venice 

If you’re looking for a trip that oozes romance, few cities can compare to Venice, and there really is no more romantic way to get there than by rail.  Again, you can easily hop on the Eurostar at lunch to Paris and then catch the Stendhal overnight sleeper directly to Venice.  With a fantastic assortment of dining options in the restaurant car, alongside spectacular views of the French countryside, you’re bound to have an unforgettable and magical journey. 

You could easily make your next travel trip via rail a two-centre trip by combining your stay in Venice with a couple of days in nearby Verona.  This is a great option if you’re looking to see more of Italy without breaking the bank in the process.  

As you can see, living in London provides you with a huge number of opportunities to explore Europe by train.  Next time you are planning a trip, don’t forget to consider travelling by rail.  

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