London Pubs

A visit to London would be incomplete without visiting one of the capital’s many pubs. From good old fashioned East End boozer’s to grandiose gastro pubs, there are a whole host of  options available.

If you’re traveling on a budget, the Samuel Smiths chain comes highly recommended. They have a number of locations throughout London, however, of particular note is ‘The Angel’ in Soho. Here you’ll find a good mix of people, and most importantly perhaps, a decent atmosphere and an affordable pint. There are two rooms, the first being fairly small with just a few tables and a fireplace and the second being slightly larger with a dart board and some comfy couches. The atmosphere is distinctly ‘London’, with a healthy mix of both youthful creative energy and local warmth.  If you fancy visiting ‘The Angel’, it might be an idea to book a room in the area; the tube can be a little tricky to navigate after you’ve had a few.

Wimdu offers great little service for booking short notice. Next time you feel like a jaunt to the capital, especially if you’re in pricey Soho, give it a try. If I remember right, it was pretty cheap and they have all sorts of options, b&b’s, apartments etc. It might even be an idea to draw up a map of the pubs you’d like to visit and sort accommodation out in accordance with that.

If you don’t fancy Soho, why not give Mile End a go? It’s really seen resurgence in the past couple of years. Here you’ll find a number of good examples of the East End boozer. One of particular merit is the ’The Palm Tree’. Conjures up a tropical image, no? In fact, it couldn’t be more different. Plastered with old wallpaper and covered with aging carpets, the Palm Tree represents the spirit of the no nonsense East End boozer. Like the Angel, there’s a healthy mix of folks, both young and old. It never feels odd though. Not like stumbling into some dusty old working man’s club. That may have been an example from personal experience.  Better to visit the Palm Tree I think. A welcoming vibe and a good feeling all round, decent selection of beer and quirky surroundings, what more could you ask?

If you are tired of the classic establishments, why not take a jaunt to Germany. It’s quite a way by plane, but fortunately you can access the next best thing right in London by visiting ’Zeitgiest ’. Zeitgiest is, in my humble opinion, the final word in London’s German pubs. For one, its authentic, the staff is friendly and the beer, well the beer is German. What more can I say? They also serve traditional food, offering up tasty schnitzel and currywurst.

The above examples are some of my personal favorites but don’t be afraid to wonder about London and find your own. There are traditional little watering holes all over the capital and it always feels good finding them by mistake. Happy travels and happy drinking!

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